About Mastiffs

mastiffMastiffs in Need or Distress was founded to promote responsible Mastiff ownership by providing help and advice to Mastiff owners , and also to assist those dogs that find themselves homeless or in need of care by providing that care before finding them suitable new homes. If you are looking to provide a permanent loving home to one of our dogs please check out our rehoming page, a prehoming form is also downloadable which will give us a better idea as to which of our dogs would be most suitable to your current circumstances.

Homechecks are carried out prior to you being offered a dog, and all of our dogs are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed prior to rehoming, a set donation is required and is used directly on vets bills. All volunteers at Mastiffs in Need or Distress give their time for free and we are a non profit making organisation.

Testimonial from website fan:

“I love Nathan’s blog, I love dogs and reading more about them and his site about mastiffs helped me to understand them more.” 

Carrie Jarvis, dog sitter based in Newcastle.